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Kent Hessling

The City of Clay Center Wastewater Facility has been in existence since it has had running sewers. It was formerly a branch of the Street Department until around the mid 1980s when it became a separate entity and the operators had to become certified to operate the more technical equipment. The wastewater system collects all used water from the city and purifies it to a point where it can be returned to a receiving stream without a threat to the water life and the environment.  We keep track of 7 pump stations, control the main plant and its systems, while maintaining the grounds and surrounding areas. The system handles around 500,000 gallons per day on average.

Additionally, at this site there is also a brush/compost site where citizens can dispose of tree trimmings and their excess yard waste.   The City of Clay Center Wastewater Facility is headed by Kent Hessling and includes the following employees:  Ron Richardson, Raymond LaVisse, and Ed Hedberg.