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P: 785.632.3797
F: 785.632.3943
Patrick Hayes, Superintendent

Our job duties include mowing, weed eating, trash pick-up of the grounds, maintenance on playground equipment, and painting of shelter houses. Additionally, the Parks Department paints and maintains picnic tables, serving tables, benches, and maintenance of bleachers. The Parks Department also handles any other maintenance problems that may arise in the following locations:

Huntress Park – 22.2 acres
Dexter Park – 5.8 acres
Reeds Park – 2.6 acres
Tiger Terrace – 5 acres
Scout Cabins – 2.5 acres
Fairgrounds – 15.6 acres
Airport – 36.0 acres
(3rd and Lane, 2nd and Clarke) .5 acres
Total app. 86.5 acres

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The Parks Department mows ball diamonds, helps with trash removal, helps with maintenance to fences, bleachers, dugouts, buildings, and any other issues that may arise. The Parks Department also assists with painting projects. The Parks Department opens bathrooms in the spring, and closes and winterizes in the late fall. Whenever time and weather permits, the Parks Department helps with any other projects.

Swimming Pool

When the pool is out of season, the Parks Department cleans, washes, and paints the pool and bathhouse. The Parks Department does moderate plumbing and winterizing to keep things in operation. There may be other job duties such as construction that may occur. Once the pool is in operation, the Parks Department turns it over to the pool manager and does any maintenance when needed.


The Parks Department is responsible for the mowing, weed eating, and spraying around the building and runway lights. The Parks Department may do other miscellaneous projects as needed.

City Hall

The Parks Department does light maintenance and other small projects per request of the City Clerk.

In the winter the Parks Department removes snow from the following areas:

  • Huntress Park
  • Dexter Park
  • Boy Scout & Girl Scout Cabins
  • Library
  • Airport (hanger doors, tie downs, around gas pumps)
  • City parking lots

The Parks Department is headed by Patrick Hayes, Superintendent. The employees include Todd Collins and Chris Pedersen.